• Reengage adds each of your visitors into the right stage of your "Sales Cycle".

    Reengage let you know which "Persona" is behind each visitor.

  • Features

    User segmentation for

    simple visitors


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    Marketing 1to1

    via Emails


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    User segmentation for

    authenticated users


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    Marketing 1to1

    via Facebook Ads

    Pre-defined & custom



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    Marketing 1to1

    via pop-ups on your website


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  • What is Reengage?

    Reengage.io groups your users in pre-defined segments based on their shopping & browsing behavior. Reengage allows you to send in one click, to any segment: an email, a notification or a personalised Facebook Ad.


    For the marketer: Reengage enables to send the right content to the right person.

    For the end-user: Reengage avoids SPAM feeling.

  • What makes Reengage.io unique?

    Easy to install

    No developer required

    Segments directly


    Import your clients' history in a few hours

    instead of weeks

  • They trust us

    The World's biggest

    startup Campus

    The company behind the TOEIC & TOEFL tests...

  • A view of Reengage.io’s dashboard. On this screenshot, we can see a sample of the many different populations that Reengage.io offers.

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