• Reach your goals


    Repeat shoppers


    Abandoned carts


    Returning users

  • Reengage AI engine adds automatically each of your

    visitors into segments

    On this drawing a sample of the populations in which e-commerce website users can be automatically classified is shown. Among them : window shoppers, abandoned carts, leave soon etc.
  • Will you finally propose the personalized mail that all your users expect?

  • With Reengage, each segment is directly actionnable

    On this drawing we can see that with Reengage.io, each population of your e-commerce website is directly actionnable. Indeed, Reengage.io can send personalized emails, website notifications or Facebook Ads to some or all of the segments of your website.


    Reengage let you send your campaigns in one simple click, no import / export anymore...
    Reengage follows and analyses the evolution of your clients between segments

  • Compatible with every e-commerce platforms

    Reengage.io is compatible with PrestaShop
    Reengage.io is compatible with Shopify
    Reengage.io is compatible with WooCommerce
    Reengage.io is compatible with Magento
  • A view of Reengage.io’s dashboard. On this screenshot, we can see a sample of the many different populations that Reengage.io offers for your e-commerce website.

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